Street style women’s looks

Urban and cool, the style is successful around the world

Defining a personal style is not easy. Between the most common options are classic, elegant, casual and romantic. Another style that has been collecting more and more followers in recent years is the street style. Born in the 1970s and consolidated in the 1970s, it is imperative in women fashion, present in most wardrobes around the world.

Despite being a relatively simple and bold style, easy to follow, it’s not enough just to put a few pieces together. To get street style looks right, you need to know the main garments, learn how to combine them, and the most important: use everything with a lot of attitude and self-confidence. With these two companies, any look will be amazing.

If you want to create street style looks but still don’t know how to start, check out some information about the style, its main clothes and accessories and a few ideas of stylish and cool looks.

What is the street style

The style emerged during the 1970s, due to the strong influence of the youth in society. Rappers and other groups of young people showed their personality and their positions in the world through fashion, a strong movement in street style today. The idea was that their clothes convey the boldness, authenticity and diversity of the youth of the time.

About two decades later, the street style movement returned to the catwalks and wardrobes, and the 1990s were marked as the decade of this fashion trend. Now, the style came back and, since the mid-2010s, it is almost impossible to visit a fashion store and not see street style clothes for all shapes, sizes and preferences.

In general, the style is quite cool, irreverent and full of personality: sportswear mixed with more classic clothes, hoodies, jeans and t-shirts mixed with lots of super urban accessories. Also, oversized clothes are a sure bet. It is pretty accessible for women and men since the style is all about respect and uniqueness.

Must-have clothes and accessories

The street style includes some must-have garments, items that give the style its core. Baggy jeans, colorful and printed t-shirts, leather and serge jackets, fitness clothes and sports sneakers are some examples of garments that make up the street style. Also, big sizes are trendy: large pants, sweatpants, sweatshirts, t-shirts, jeans jackets and other options are excellent garments to create your street style look.

Looks’ ideas

Now that you know a little more about the street fashion style and its characteristics, check out some suggestions for the style. You will fall in love with the practical, modern and super welcoming style.

Tight dress + denim jacket

Cool, the look combines the femininity and sensuality of a tight and short dress with the more masculine and unpretentious atmosphere of the denim jacket. Sunglasses, a nice pair of sneakers and a stylish money belt complement the look and get you ready to go out with friends or enjoy a concert by the band you love.

Colorful wide leg pants + crop top + sneakers

The colors are also very well received in the street style, which makes them a great bet for those who like more extravagant looks. Colored pants, in lavender, orange or pink, for example, with wide legs and a good fit, create the perfect high-low with a more elegant crop top.

Sweatshirt + short skirt

A bold and feminine combination. The sweatshirt is super comfortable and great for cold days; the skirt, in turn, brings a cool and irreverent atmosphere. Put your sweatshirt inside your skirt if it’s high-waisted, add accessories like belts, earrings, sunglasses, bracelets and a purse and watch the magic happen.

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